Rolling stock - Locos

1 Lok 1 Locomotive from Alebäcken peat bog outside Tibro in Västergötland. The loco came to ÖkJ in 1974. When found, it had a Ford Prefect petrol engine which was in lousy condition because it stood outside unprotected and without spark plugs. Despite the fact that I had to plug one cylinder, it was possible to run the engine and the loco made service the first summer in this condition. Later an Opel Kadett engine was mounted and was used until 1992. Loco 1 was rebuilt in 1990. It is built on a skip wagon frame and is equipped with a break handle.

In the spring of 2002 the loco received a new engine, a 10hp single cylinder Hatz diesel.

2 Lok 2 Built in 1991 from a draisin found at Takmossen outside Tibro in Västergötland. At ÖkJ itt was equipped with a B&S 3 hp petrol engine and has a brake lever and candle headlights. It can pull one small trolley.
In the summer of 2016 it was rebuilt and has now electric traction. Two electrical motors in parallell (350 W) are fed from two 12V batteries connected in series. Range is approximately 15 km.

3 Lok 3 This locomotive was built at the ÖkJ workshop in Motala in 1992. The axles came from Tranberga peat bog outside Motala in Östergötland. It has a B&S 5 hp industrial petrol engine. The loco is very easy to drive and is often used when visitors are running the marshalling exercise.

4 Lok 4 Manufactured by Motor Rail Ltd, Simplex Work, in England in 1948 as works number 9335. The Loco was purchased by Nora brick works on Färingsö in lake Mälaren. It was used when the hydro power station at Harsprånget on the Arctic Circle was extended. Came to ÖkJ from Haghult in Småland in 1998 where it was completely disassembled and renovated. The engine is not the original Dorman diesel, but a 10 hp diesel engine manufactured by Hatz.

5 Lok 5 Loco 5 was built during the spring of 2001 at the ÖkJ workshop in Motala. The wheels are brand new. The loco is at the moment (2016) not operational and is lacking an engine.

- Ã…ngloket The steam locomotive
This steam locomotive was built using a small single cylinder steam engine and a vertical boiler. It worked on straight and flat track, but as those are scarse at ÖkJ, the locomotive was no success. The loco is presently not operational.

Milage for locomotives

In this graph the distance covered for each loco and year is presented. I have no notes saved from before 1991.

In 1991 I only had locos 1 and 2. Loco 3 was added in 1992, loco 4 in 1998 and loco 5 in 2001.