The Railway - Depots

Örkaggen Depot
Örkaggen Depot is the center of operations at ÖkJ. Locos and some wagons are stored here. Track sections are manufactured here before transportation to the building site. The scale has a capacity of up to 1250 kg and is made in Stettin (formerly in Germany, now in Poland) in 1910. The turntables are manufactured in Sweden at Norberg and Kärrgrufvan respectively.

  1. Depot
  2. Mainline east
  3. Scale
  4. Loco shed
  5. Turntable
  6. Turntable
  7. Loco shed
  8. Mainline west


Elin was previously used for storage of timber. The name refers to the steamship hull that is lying nearby.

  1. Mainline west
  2. Mainline east


Udden depot is situated at (1) and can be reached from both main tracks. The whole train can be turned using the wye at (4).

  1. Spur
  2. Mainline west
  3. Mainline north
  4. Wye


The Timber Terminal
Timber is unloaded from the train at the Timber Terminal and is later transported onwards by lorry. The spur at (4) is just long enough for a loco. The loco can go round the wagons to pick them up again.

  1. Mainline north
  2. Mainline south
  3. Timber terminal
  4. Spur



  1. Mainline south
  2. Mainline north
  3. Loding track
  4. Loding crane


Carriage shed

  1. Mainline south
  2. Mainline north
  3. Siding
  4. Wagon shed
  5. Carriage shed