Rolling stock - Wagons

20 Flat wagon originally built in 1974 at ÖkJ. Completely rebuilt in 2001.

21 Wagon with high sides, built in 1989 at ÖkJ. Usually refered to as "the pig wagon". Equipped with a lever brake.

22 Timber trucks with load. Rebuilt in 2002.

23 Timber trucks with load. Built in 2002 at ÖkJ.

24 Flat wagon with screw brake. Built in 1990 at ÖkJ.

25 Four axle flat car with load. Built at ÖkJ in 1994.

26 Van used for storage of tools. Two passengers can ride in the passenger compartment. Built in 2001.

28 Covered wagon with seating for three passengers. Built in 1996 at ÖkJ. From the elevatet seat inside one has a magnificent view of the train and surroundings.

29 Small trolley built for loco 2. Built in 1997.

30-31 Skip wagons of Orenstein &Koppel's standard design for 3/4 cubic meter. Came to ÖkJ in 1996 from Steninge brick works in Märsta, close to Stockholm.' + '

32-35 Skip wagons from "Bolmens Maskinpressade Bränntorv" near Ljungby, southern Sweden. They are marked "SAK" which translates to the Swedish unemployment commission. SAK organised relief work in the 1920th. To ÖkJ in February and April 2003.

36 A skip wagon frame from "Bolmens Maskinpressade Bränntorv" near Ljungby, southern Sweden. The original side tipping container has been replaced with one tipping between the rails.To ÖkJ in February 2003.

37 Timber wagon built 2016 at ÖkJ.

40 Peat wagon from Haghult, Landeryd. Came to ÖkJ in 1998. The skip is missing.